House painting requires remarkable skills which can only be attained after many years of learning. However, for those people who have never painted a house before, this job is undoubtedly time consuming and needs utmost perseverance.

In this article, painters Boulder have solely focused on the crucial tips and advises which are useful for house painters from amateur to professional.

Cover your furniture

Movable items like small desk, chair, table, etc can be moved but that furniture which can’t be moved, cover them using a cloth or a sheet (usually a plastic one) which can stop the paint drips from reaching the furniture. A pretty insignificant advice for starters but paramount one.

Use Alkyd Paint for shelves and cabinets

Oil base paints (Alkyd Paint) are stronger and more lasting than water based or latex paints. They also take longer time to dry, hence never use them on walls. However, they also provide great finish and a shining gloss after getting dried so professional painters always use the alkyd paints to paint shelves and cabinets.

Use Alkyd Paint for shelves and cabinets

Oil base paints (Alkyd Paint) are stronger and more lasting than water based or latex paints. They also take longer time to dry, hence never use them on walls. However, they also provide great finish and a shining gloss after getting dried so professional painters always use the alkyd paints to paint shelves and cabinets.

Strategize your work

Start painting from that room which is placed on the most innermost side of your house. Covering these portions first will help you in painting otherrooms more confidently and quickly. Also, paint those rooms that contain hallways and other main areas of your house. This will eventually help you to paint other rooms as the work will be less tiresome and now your movements will become much easier too.

Unhinge The Doors Before Painting

Usually not necessary for everyone but for better result, it is important if you unhinge the door and lay it down flat for proper painting. This will give you a better and smoother finish. Also, painting the door while laying it flat will help you in spreading paint more quickly without worrying about the paint drips. The door that you want to paint should be rested on a table majorly at the centre. Paint the first side completely, wait for the paint to dry and then rotate the door to paint the other side.

Test The Colour First

Thinking what colour should be the most suitable one, it is a good idea to apply a sample first because sometime it is difficult to determine which room could contain the aura or the ambience of vibrant or calm colours. Observe this applied paint on both daytime and at night. It is important to keep in mind that sometime colour showed in magazines or booklet can be different that they actually are when applied at the wall or ceiling of your house.

Use of brush at the corners

For painting corners, use 21/2-inch paintbrush and dip the bristles of the brush only about one-third inside of the paint and remove the excess of the paint from the brush via slapping it inside the bucket. It will help you to distribute the paint more steadily as painting the corners can be difficult if the paint starts dripping continuously. Slowly cut all the corners before using the roller and stroke outward.

Never prime the whole house

Keep in mind that only a highly porous surface needs a primer before paint. A primer is used when you are painting a new drywall or painting a light colour over a dark colour. Priming the whole house is unnecessary here as being a painter has to completely hide the primed surface. Do remember to tint the primer with the colour by mixing a short amount of paint into the primer.

Always use Gloves

While painting a house, disposable gloves are highly used by professionals and we strongly suggest to use these gloves while painting a house mainly because it offers protection from solvents, paint, grease and other products used in house painting. Do remember to dust these gloves with a pinch of cornstarch before putting it in as it will help you to take it off even after many hours of work. One can also use leather gloves while doing woodwork as the disposable gloves cannot protect you from splinters. Disposable gloves include Latex gloves, Nitrile gloves and now even Vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are ideal to use when dealing with heavy work like painting a big furniture as they provide firm grip but sometimes people are allergic to it which could result in heavy breathing or nausea. To deal with this problem, nitrile gloves are used for better alternatives. However, they are a little loose when compared to latex gloves because of their rubbery material but they work much better than latex and other petroleum-based mixtures such as White spirit or mineral spirits, turpentine substitute, solvent naphtha, etc. Among all the three above mentioned gloves, vinyl gloves are the cheapest alternatives to latex and are mostly used with latex paint (not oil based paints).

Don’t put pressure on the loose paint

For a lasting paint job, use sand paper to smoothen the surface before applying putty or primer. Scrape this surface where you will apply the new paint but never put extra pressure otherwise the rough edgeswill start to appear. If you are painting over an old paint on a wooden surface, sand this surface using sandpaper. While scraping, use a wide scraper but for windows and doors use a smaller one.

Always paint the walls at last

While painting a room, cover the ground first, then the ceiling and finally the wall. Always use this order for painting. Trims which surrounds the room, if by any chance gets dripped by the paint on the walls or ceilings can easily be painted again but same couldn’t be applied for walls or ceilings.Remember to paint ceilings before the walls as this will make you more comfortable while painting a room. Professional painters always use this order to paint rooms as if any paint gets accidently dripped onto the walls, it can be covered later when finishing.

Estimate the amount of paint before applying

Opening a new can of fresh paint while painting in the middle of a wall or ceiling might disturb the colour of the paint so it is important to mix the paint (boxing) so that even colour can be applied over the walls. This can only be seen after 24 hours when the paint gets dried up, so in order to remove this issue it is best to estimate the amount of paint before applying. One can also pour the leftover paint and the new one in a different bucket (most probably a 5-gallon bucket).

Sand the excess before applying a new coat

To remove the course texture, never over paint the same surface. In place of that, sand that surface for an effortless and plain finish. Professional painters always sand the trims, walls and even ceilings if grainy textures start to appear while painting. Before applying a second coat, sand the surface and use a blower to remove the dust. Remember to paint the surface from top to bottom.

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